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e-chain® solutions for your automotive application

In cars, commercial or special vehicles, the requirements for power supply solutions are becoming increasingly complex. Electrically controlled functions and setting options of cars require reliable, durable and light energy supplies for the constant supply of electricity and signals. Energy supplies by igus® are suitable for confined spaces and can be individually tailored to weight and load restrictions. igus® e-chains® combine these properties in one product:


Light Weight


Individual customisation as required


Long service life, predictable

Tested under real conditions


Gentle on the cables

Space-saving and secure cable guidance for cars

E2 micro e-chain®  
E2 micro e-chain®

High torsional resistance

Smallest inner heights and bend radii

Mounting brackets with strain relief optional

Small pitch for silent operation

Cable-friendly interior

Low weight

E1 e-chain®  
E1 e-chain®

Cost-effective solution for large volumes

Can be shortened or lengthened as required through injection-moulded, modular chain band

Easy to open

Easy to fix using the hole on the chain band

e-rib for corrugated tubes  
e-rib for corrugated tubes

Little installation space required despite high reach

Cable-friendly with defined bend radius

Can be easily retrofitted

Stability prevents unintentional sideways movement

No change in the impermeability of the corrugated hose

Checked in the igus® test laboratory for real use

Tested for continuous load, very small installation spaces, media resistance and quiet operation

A glimpse into the e-chain® test laboratoryTake a look at our e-chain® test laboratory, where tests are run with 10 billion cycles every year.


igus® cold chamberTest under extreme conditions: the e-chains® have to withstand up to -40°C.


Examples of igus® energy supplies in onboard use

Van with e-chain® applications  
e-chain® in sliding door  
1 - Higher service life in the smallest installation space

e-chains® in sliding doors guide cables in the smallest installation space, e.g. for keyless entry systems and safety features. They prolong the cables' service life due to defined radii and kinematics.

e-chains® in the seating system  
2 - Safe cable guidance in seating systems

Electric systems in cars have increased immensely and more and more systems are permanently supplied with electricity so as to offer the necessary driving comfort. e-chains® are ideal to guide cables securely from A to B.

e-chain® in the wiper systems  
3 - Reliable protection despite constant movement

e-chains® are dimensionally stable in different environmental conditions and have high acceleration and force absorption. Therefore, they protect cables in the wiper systems despite constant movement.

For you, the sample box is free of charge!

See for yourself that our products are of the highest quality. The e-chain® sample box contains information on energy supplies, applications in the automotive industry and the most important igus® products: the e-chains® E1, E2 micro and E2 mini.


Sample box onboard  

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