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Plastic solutions for sheet metal working and processing

igus® lasts longer in dirt & heat

Dear sheet-metal-industry customers,

An important factor in the sheet metal working is precision coupled with robust design.
For example:
Accurate positioning in sheet metal processing, tough and enclosed e-chain system® for cable protection, and clip-in designs for bearings in sheet metal stampings.
The igus® e-chain system® and plain bearings are made of tribo-optimized high performance polymers and have a long service life - they increase the durability of your machines and reduce costs.

We'd be glad to help you with our solutions for sheet metal working.

2015 Updates for sheet metal working

… also round shaft clamping

New and unique linear housing with integrated manual clamp is available for drylin® R round shaft guides.

… also round shaft clamping    

… longer service life also in INCH

With up to 8 times longer service life on steel shaftsfilms, the liners made of the dry-tech® material iglidur®E7 are remarkable in practical use.

… longer service life also in INCH    

Full range materials for dryspin/trapeze

drylin® lead screw nuts in 5 materials

Full range materials for dryspin/trapeze    

36-month guarantee … for chainflex®

With our unique igus® guarantee for ALL chainflex® cables we are providing predictable security for 36 full months

36-month guarantee … for chainflex®    

... chainflex® M ... CAN Bus + Profinet cables...

For flexing applications Without influence of oil Preferably indoor applications

... chainflex® M ... CAN Bus + Profinet cables...    

Straightening technology

Quick, straight, precise: this is how the requirements in sheet metal machining can be summarized. Sophisticated straightening technology makes all this possible.

Straightening technology    

Production of aluminum cartridges

drylin® R in a facility for the production of aluminum cartridges.

Production of aluminum cartridges    

Tube-bending machine

For extremely high strengths: drylin® T linear guide in a tube-bending machine.

Tube-bending machine    

High-speed sheet feeding

igus® E6 energy chains are used at Strohmann GmbH. High-speed sheet feeder makes high demands on energy supply.

High-speed sheet feeding    

Welding tongs for the automotive industry

drylin® linear guide in EURO-C welding tongs for the automotive industry.

Welding tongs for the automotive industry    

Sheet metal forming

drylin® trapezoidal leadscrew nut in a sheet metal forming machine.

Sheet metal forming  machine    

Machining center

The ready-to-install assembled energy supply system is perfectly aligned to the high demands of the machine tool industry.

Machining center    

Mechanical deburring of metal parts

Plastic instead of recirculating ball bearings - drylin® linear guides for machine deburring

Mechanical deburring of metal parts    

Laser cutting machines

With readychain energy supply systems, the customer receives all components from a single source and everything is ready to install.

Laser cutting machines    

”Virtu“ large-format printer

The ”Virtu“ large-format printer can be used to print almost anything: sheetmetal, foils, textiles, wood, glass, and, of course, also paper in widths up3.5 metres.

”Virtu“ large-format printer    

Parting-off grinder

Application of drylin® R for the guidance of the cutting table

Parting-off grinder    

Automatic Zinc Line

igus® energy chains have successfully replaced the dangling cables previously used to supply the rotary drums in this zinc line.

Automatic Zinc Line    

Machine tool for railway track plates

This machine tool requires a large number of different cables and hoses for the manufacture of track plates

Machine tool for railway track plates    
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Selected products for the sheet metal industry


Servo cables with gusset-filled pressure extruded inner jacket for high number of cycles at 7.5xd


with injection-moulded connector. Initiator cables for radii of 5xd for continuous motion in the energy chain

E6 system - overview  
E6 system

Six-piece e-chain® - Fast, particularly low vibration and shock-free for a neat cross section. The E6 system distinguishes itself by extremely low vibration and smooth run!*

E4.1 overview  
For all
E4.1 system

The universal solution - ideal lateral stability, high shear force on long travels, for large unsupported lengths

triflex® R - overview  
triflex® R

The 3D e-chain® for the robot, enclosed or open, simple filling, flexible shortening, less installation

E2/000 overview  
Allrounder – universal to use
System E2/000

Openable in inner- and outer radii

Available in 21 - 45mm inner height

For high speeds and medium weights

Also as E-Tube version available ex stock

P4 system  
Long travels and high weights
System P4

For big plants or indoor cranes the system P4 is the perfect solution to supply with energy and data over long travels.

New: 3 inner heights: 42, 56 and 80 mm

New: Tribo-optimized wear resistant roller material

Large rolling and gliding surfaces

Chip-repellant up to 850° C  
850°C hot
igumid HT

The material for energy tubes that repel hot chips up to 850°C

micro flizz® overview  
Compact System
Micro flizz®

Long travels also with small EChains®. The energy supply Micro flizz® is a compact, cost-effective system, for a safe supply from energy, data and air.

readychains® - Ready-Made e-chain systems®  
Fully harnessed systems

With readychains®, igus® can do the work for you, supplying fully harnessed plug and play systems directly to your machine.

700 systems per week in 10 readychain®-factories worldwide

Harnessed systems within 3 to 10 days

iglidur® J  
iglidur® J plain bearing

Low wear against many shaft materials, low coefficients of friction in dry operation, vibration-dampening, lubricant-free

iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearing

Simple installation, lubricant-free, high stiffening

igubal® ECLM clip-type spherical bearing

Very simple installation through clipping in sheet metal, no additional axial securing required, space-saving

Solutions for plates  
Clip on to stop rattling!

Lubricant-free and rattle-free plain bearing in sheet metals for e.g. automatic machines and machine housings. Made of elastic polymer materials like e.g. iglidur® M250

Simple assembly

maintenance free

High service life

suitable for E-Coat


Manual clearance adjustment through "turn-to-fit" function, 100% lubricant-free, low installation height

drylin® SHT lead screw modules  
drylin® SHT lead screw module for format adjustments

Rugged, precise, dirt-resistant, lubricant-free

Maintenance free
DryLin® R

Maintenance- and lubrication-free


Up to 250°C

Dimensions identical to ball bearings

Quick liner replacement possible

drylin® T Heavy Duty  
Lubricant-free sliding
DryLin® T Heavy Duty

This series is used for the most extreme conditions such as dirt, adhesive residues, chips, mud, etc. The polymer gliding elements made of iglidur® J are fixed in the lid and are therefore permanent. This system is compatible with many standard commercial recirculating ball bearing systems and is available in the following sizes: 20, 25 and 30.

More products

*Study of the WZL (machine tools laboratory) and business operations of the RWTH Aachen: "Vibration tests in energy supply chains"