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Hull cleaning machines


UMC design and manufacture hull cleaning machines for use by underwater divers. They are hydraulically powered and typically have 2 rotating brushes. The vehicle can be powered forward or reversed, steered and the brushes raised and lowered on a gimbal mechanism. Typical cleaning speed is 1000 sqm per hour. The original pamper vehicle weighed 250 kg and a re-design was required to give a more compact and lighter vehicle. Aluminium was used a lot more than stainless steel to reduce weight resulting in possible corrosion between dissimilar metals. The steering assembly was also heavy duty due to the use of ball and roller bearings in a watertight housing which was also high maintenance. iglidur® H plastic bearings were selected to support the various parts of the brush lift and articulation mechanism to insulate stainless pivots from aluminium supports. The steering mechanism is a handlebar at the front, connected to a propelled castor at the rear. Each is supported by large bore iglidur® Z plastic 76 manus 06 ® Hull cleaning machines bearings, which provide substantial weight reduction, zero maintenance and zero corrosion in salt water.

Joseph Jackson
Technical Director
UMC International plc

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