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Stainless steel guide rollers with xirodur® A500 ball bearings

Temperature-resistant xiros® guide roller made of stainless steel

For chemicals and heat

These stainless steel guide rollers can be used without any reservation in environments where temperatures are consistently as high as 150°C. The secret is the high-temperature ball bearings made of xirodur A500. This special material can be employed not only where temperatures are high, but wherever chemicals are used. Many of our customers in the food and chemicals industries are already using this technology. One example from the food industry is in artificial sausage skin manufacture, where drying areas experience high temperatures, and ball bearings made of other materials are not well-suited.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Operating temperature up to 150°C
  • Individual components with FDA-compliant materials
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals

Cost down

Cost down

  • Costs up to 40% less than lubricated metallic ball bearings thanks to the longer service life



Lubrication-free endurance runner

Plastics are not necessarily incompatible with hot temperatures, as the Koppe example, below, shows. The pellet stove's operation is simple and ingenious. A mechanical drive unit moves the pellets without electrical energy through a cylinder resting on a roller into the combustion chamber for a burning time of around 24 hours. For the production process, Koppe was therefore looking for bearings for the drive mechanism that would work in adverse conditions without malfunctioning. The solution the company found was xiros polymer ball bearings made of temperature-resistant xirodur A500. This special material even allows brief high-temperature applications of up to 315°C, and because it needs no lubrication, it runs smoothly over long periods. Metal ball bearings were out of the question. They seized immediately and generated an immense noise load.

Mechanical drive unit in the Koppe pellet stove

"We thought for a long time about the drive system and how to improve its running performance. We were looking for bearings for the drive mechanism which could work continuously in an adverse environment. The lubrication-free ball bearings play an important role here."
Franz Koppe, CEO of Erwin KOPPE – Keramische Heizgeräte GmbH

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