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Largest worldwide

Sludge treatment

The largest plastic e-chain® in the world, the E4.350 as part of the Amoras project, is used for this application. It has an inner height of 35 centimetres and is available with inner widths up to 1,000 millimetres. Thanks to e-chain® design with integrated rolls the required drive force for the chain is maximally reduced. The Amoras project is one of the biggest sludge treatment facilities worldwide. Brackwater from the Port of Antwerp is routed into the large tanks and the sludge is suctioned off by pumps on the bridge for treatment. The pumps can be moved over the whole bridge length of 150 metres. The heavy hoses (approx. 100 kg per metre) have to be routed safely and protected from mechanical abrasion on the bridge. The entire plant is in use round the clock without having to be maintained.

Sereant, Joury Van Gijseghem, Antwerpen, Belgium

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