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RX e-tubes - snap-open and extremely chip-proof

RX tube again attains good test results

Our igus® lab tests the chip-tightness of energy tubes under realistic conditions.
We tested an RX40.100.100.0 with 100,000 double strokes and 1,000 g of mixed steel chips in a drum.
The result:A total of 0.23 g chips had penetrated into the interior of the tube after 100,000 double strokes while adding 1,000 g of metal chips. No chips were present in the stop dogs or the lids, and the exterior had no apparent scratchmarks or damage.

Chip-proof - for all types of chips and applications


Chip tests in the igus® lab prove the tremendous chip-tightness of the new RX tube under realistic conditions.


Chip penetration test: only 0.23 g of chips were found in the interior of the RX tube after 100,000 cycles.

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