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Filling systems


Regardless of whether it is a partially or fully automated system, our modular rotary and linear bearing technology can be installed in any beverage filling system. The top priority of these components is that they are easy to clean, do not require lubricants and fulfil high service life requirements.

Used products and application examples

In the following, some important applications of our linear bearing and plain bearing technology in filling systems are shown. They are used in various parts of the system, e.g. in the clamping wheel for holding the bottles or in the filling and dosing station.

Overview of the stations

Clamping wheel

Filling and dosing station

Screw capping unit

Control valve

Clamping wheel of filling systems

Clamping wheel

iglidur J or iglidur X plain bearings are used as bearings for the clamping elements. Two-component rollers made of an iglidur plastic roller and a TPU outer jacket ensure the smooth and wear-free movement on the rotary axis.

Filling and dosing station Filling systems

Filling and dosing station

The bottles are lifted by at the valves and pumps of the filling stations by drylin T-rail guides. In the cam-guided lifting element for the bottles, plain bearings made of iglidur J, drylin JUM liners or iglidur H plain bearings are also used.

Operating mechanism circular filler

Operating mechanism for a circular filler

For the pivoting movement in the pinion bearing, an iglidur J piston ring is used, which is more wear-resistant than PTFE-strips and has a high load capacity. A drylin R JUM linear bearing is used for the cam-guided linear movement.

Control valve Filling systems

Control valve

Plain bearings made of iglidur J material or iglidur H370 piston rings are used for linear movement of the control valves in the filling system.

Application examples of our customers

Beverage filling system

In the customised filling systems of Küppersbusch GmbH, plain bearings from the igus modular construction kit have been in use for more than twenty years.

Sterile filling system

This pharmaceutical filling system relies on lubrication- and maintenance-free bearing technology.

Bottle aligner in filling system

iglidur plain bearings are wear-resistant, lubricant- and maintenance-free when used in beverage filling systems.

Clamping star wheels in filling plants

Two-component plastic rollers for clamping star wheels double the service life of filling machines.


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