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Sausage-, Fish- and Meat processing


In the processing of sausage, fish and meat products, for example, bearing components used in cutting machines or in conveyor technology are confronted with high demands resulting from the hygiene requirements in food technology as well as increasing expectations on the performance of the systems. The absolute freedom from lubrication and maintenance, long service life under continuous operation as well as chemical resistance and low moisture absorption are just a few examples of the high industry standards.

Used products and application examples

Using the example of a cutting machine with a high-speed stacking system from Treif Maschinenbau GmbH, we show below the central sections of such systems and the use of our polymer bearing technology in the work processes. Above all, the following stations should be mentioned here:

1. Cutting material holder

2. Stacking fork

3. Pregripper / Feeding tower

4. Knife edge guide

Treif cutting machine For more than 20 years, Treif Maschinenbau GmbH has been using plastic plain bearings in its food cutting machines. The technical requirements are constantly increasing.
Linear feed cutting material holder

1. Cutting material holder

A combination of external stainless steel shafts and drylin linear liners has proven itself for the linear feed of the cutting material holder by a synchronised toothed belt drive.

Stacking fork for inserting the slices

2. Stacking fork

Where the material is inserted, ready to be cut, additional lubrication-free and corrosion-free iglidur J polymer bearings are installed for the material holder.

Pre-gripper / Feeding tower

3. Pre-gripper / Feeding tower

Soft stainless steel shafts and linear sliding elements are used to feed the material in the direction of the cutting blade. The pivotal bearing of the feeding tower uses iglidur G polymer bearings.

Knife edge guide

4. Knife edge guide

In the actual cutting process or To guide the knife edge, various iglidur lubrication-free and corrosion-free open and closed drylin linear plain bearings are used.

Application examples of our customers

Sausage cutting machine

In this machine, the sausages are first fixed in place inside, then spread and finally separated at the bottom.

Meat roller

This production machine makes slices of meat as flat as a flounder. Previously used needle bearings have been replaced with hygienic, robust plain bearings.


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