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With chainflex® cables and the price check, achieve Tech up, & Cost down now

Benefit from our variety of cables. From low-cost solutions to high-end cables. Everything in line with our motto: Tech up, cost down!  It's our job!

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Tech up, Cost down with chainflex® cables

igus supplies electrically identical cables with mechanically different qualities in the different cable areas. You can therefore achieve the optimum price/performance ratio for yourself. An example of control cables with a core cross section of 4x0.5mm²: 

  • CF880 control cable, bend radius 12.5xd and PVC outer jacket, very cost-effective solution
  • Control cable CF5, smaller bend radius 6.8 xd with PVC outer jacket and oil resistance: greater technical advantage leads to slightly higher price per metre
  • CF98 oil- and bio-oil-resistant cable with TPE jacket and a bend radius of only 4xd: greatest technical advantage and highest price

Price check and guarantee directly from the manufacturer: selection of 1,350 cables with a 36-month guarantee.

With the chainflex price check, the right cable for your needs can be found very quickly. There is every electrical specification in 7 cable qualities. The choice is yours: cost-effective price or cable for high technical requirements. You can choose the right product for you from the graded listing. Whatever option you go for, we give you a 36-month guarantee on your cable.

▲ Tech up

In the industry's largest test laboratory with a test area of 3,800 m² and more than 800 simultaneously performed tests on 64 test rigs , we carry out more than 2 billion double strokes per year  in order to make the very best technology for you possible.

CF98 highlight test

CF98 control cable...

...with more than 139 million double strokes in the test

Ethernet highlight test

CFBUS.045 Ethernet cable...

...with more than 77 million double strokes in the test

CF highlight test 3841

Servo cable CF21.UL...

...with more than 54 million double strokes in the test

CF highlight test 4904

CF38 motor cable...

...with more than 43 million double strokes in the test

CF highlight test 3479

CF11.D measuring system cable...

...with more than 66 million double strokes in the test

CF highlight test 4011

CFLG.2LB fibre optic cable...

...with more than 50 million double strokes in the test

▼ Cost down

Due to our wide range of cables, we enable the user to achieve great savings when buying all kinds of cable, whether as chainflex sold by the metre or pre-assembled readycable.

Achieve savings on control cable

Save 64.7% on control cables... choosing PVC cable CF130.UL.D instead of CF77.UL.D*

Data cable

Save 32.7% on data cables...

...with the CF211 and larger bend radius (instead of CF11)*

Bus cable

Save 62.1% on bus cables...

...with the CFBUS.PVC and Cat5e instead of the CFBUS*

Save money on motor cables

Save 29.9% on motor cables... using the CF31 instead of the CF35*

Save money on servo cables

Save 50.7% on servo cables... doing without PUR and choosing the CF210.UL (instead of CF27)*

Save money on measuring system cables

Save 39.4% on measuring system cables... using the CF211 for short travels (instead of the CF113)*

∎ Proof

Directly from practical applications:

Here, you can independently find out how to save costs on cables with our online service life calculator in just 4 minutes – and obtain a 3-year guarantee.

In our service life calculator, you can immediately and independently determine the right service life and price for your application. In this online tutorial, we explain where it is possible to save costs quickly and efficiently. You are shown how to independently and reliably choose cables with the best price/performance ratio as early as the design phase.  

Go to chainflex® service life calculator

Here are three concrete ways for you to quickly achieve success:


Reduce life cycle costs with the right cable selection

The most sustainable approach is to use a product for a very long time without having to replace it and thus harm the  environment. Here, you can read why it makes sense to think about this now.

White paper on life cycle costs

Tech up. Cost down. Change now!

Tech up, Cost down with chainflex® cables

*The percentage comparison values indicated here are based on German list prices and can vary internationally.


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