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Linear modules with toothed belt drive for extreme conditions

In applications with very harsh and aggressive environments, durable and resilient components are required. With the industry-specific range, applications with splash water contact, underwater use or even freezing temperatures are no problem. In addition, igus offers belt-driven linear axes for explosive atmospheres as well as completely metal-free solutions that are in demand in the field of automation as well as high-frequency and X-ray systems.

The ZLW series for extreme conditions

Icon for frozen temperatures

LT range For use at temperatures down to –30°C, the drive and deflection shaft end supports are fitted with cold ball bearings. The drive is implemented by a toothed belt suitable for low temperature.

Icon for splash water contact

SW range The SW ZLW  version is suitable for applications where there is contact with splash water. It is corrosion-resistant due to PU toothed belt with stainless steel tie beams and stainless steel ball bearings, as well as shaft end support housing made of hard anodised aluminium.

Icon for underwater use

UW range For underwater use, the UW type is ideal. The linear carriages and drive and deflection shaft-end supports are made of hard anodised aluminium. In addition, xiros plastic ball bearings are used. A flexible toothed belt with aramide tie beams serves as the drive.

drylin® ZLW: Belt drive for extreme conditions

Under water / cold storage

More special toothed belt axes

drylin® ZLW-1040-EX - Toothed belt axis for the EX area

Lubrication-free drylin® ZLW with Ex protection for adjustments

drylin® carbon toothed belt axis - ZLW-0630-P

The combination of tribologically optimised drylin® W linear guide made of carbon with drytech® polymers in the carriage and drive make the toothed belt axis ZLW-0630-CFK the first completely metal free toothed belt axis.

Configure individual toothed belt axes

  • Configure, align, order with suitable accessories (hand wheel, angle drives, etc.)
  • Price and delivery time display of your configuration
  • Simple transfer to shopping basket, no minimum order quantity
  • Creation of PDF reports with parts list, result of service life & individual application parameters

Product finder for the drylin drive technology
Configurator for the drylin drive technology


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