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drylin® SET - EasyTube

The linear unit for light-duty motion control is characterized by a simple but effective and rugged structure. A complete system is modulated from few components. The outer anodized aluminum tube guides the carriage/s and at the same time protects the trapezoidal threaded spindle and leadscrew nut from external influences. Carriage, torque support and trapezoidal leadscrew nut in one cast and are made of a special plain bearing high-performance polymer. It guarantees freedom from lubrication with simultaneously low coefficient of friction and optimal wear pattern. The iglidur® bearing materials are also used in the axial bearings of the spindle.

EasyTube linear unit for easy adjustment functions

A = Expansive accessories available
B = stainless steel clamping rings, radial and axial bearings made from plain bearing polymers
C = carriages, trapezoidal lead screw nuts and torque support made from lubricant-free plain bearing polymers

D = guide tube made from anodized aluminum
E = trapezoidal lead screw (interior) made from steel or stainless steel
F = shaft end support made from rugged plastics, optionally also available in flanged versions

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Delivery time on request drylin® SET EasyTube

drylin® single tube guide for light duty motion control with interior lead screw.

Delivery time on request drylin® easytube with flange

drylin® SET easytube as flanged version for axial mounting

Delivery time on request drylin® SET EasyTube with scaling

drylin® SET EasyTube scaling, including lasered, rinse-resistant

Delivery time on request drylin® SET easytube one-side clamped

The new carrier flange enables the horizontal and vertical installation of the EasyTube on one side.

Delivery time on request drylin® SET EasyTube - weight-optimized

The weight-optimized carriage option of the SET-25 for all cost-sensitive adjustment movements.

Delivery time on request