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Inspection and test technology


In filling plants the passing containers are checked and diverted if necessary using optical monitoring by cameras or sensory detectors. Camera, sensor and lighting technology must be flexibly adjustable for this purpose. This is where our linear bearing technology comes into its own, ensuring the stepless and smooth fine adjustment of the expensive technology without the use of lubricants.

Used products and application examples

Using the example of test equipment from Indspect GmbH, the testing technology in filling plants is discussed in more detail. Our products such as linear bearings or lead screw linear systems are mainly used for the precise adjustment of sensors, cameras and lighting technology.

Overview of the fields of application

Label and bottle inspection

Adjustment of cameras, sensors and lighting systems

Wipotec The TQS-SP TE from Wipotec is used for serialisation and tamper-proof sealing of folding boxes. Sensors and cameras are precisely adjusted thanks to drylin bearing technology.
Label and bottle inspection

Label and bottle inspection

drylin SLW or SHT lead screw linear systems allow smooth adjustment of the height of cameras, sensors or lighting.

Adjustment of the camera box

Adjustment of the camera box

drylin SLW-2080 linear systems enable lubrication and maintenance-free XZ adjustment of inspection cameras.

Application examples of our customers

Bottle sorting

Tribo-tape liner made of iglidur W160 reduces the frictional resistance in this filling plant to a minimum.

Visual inspection in conveyor technology

Lubrication-free linear bearings move camera and lighting systems for the visual inspection of pharmaceutical products.

Inspection unit

Linear plain bearings in Indspect's inspection equipment enable food-safe inspection for the beverage industry.


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