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Machine elements made of plastic for car wash systems

Car owners know the problem if the car is dirty. Dirt sticks and it looks ugly. There is no way around washing the vehicle. This is where car washes come into play. They are there to clean vehicles such as lorries, cars, buses or even trains. As a rule, a distinction is made between car washes, self-service car washes and gantry car washes. In car washes, the car passes through a conveyor belt through various stages of cleaning. Customers do not have to leave the car. On the other hand, there are car washes in which the car wash is done manually. Here the vehicles are cleaned by high-pressure cleaners and foam brushes. The third form of car wash is the gantry car wash. The car is left standing after driving the car into the car wash. The cleaning process starts and brushes do the cleaning fully automatically. In order to meet the ever-increasing demands on modern washing systems, the motion plastics specialist igus helps to increase the service life of your systems with maintenance-free and self-lubricating high-performance plastics while reducing costs.

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The advantages of igus technology for car washes at a glance:

Gantry washing system  

Selected products for washing systems

igubal spherical bearings

igubal spherical bearings  

  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • 80% lighter than metallic alternatives
  • Self-lubricating and low maintenance

drylin linear guides

drylin linear guides  

  • Corrosion-free
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Lightweight and robust

xiros ball bearings

xiros ball bearings  

  • Temperature-resistant from -40 to +80°C
  • Tough and corrosion-resistant
  • Light and low-maintenance

energy chains

E4 energy chain  

  • Low abrasion, vibration-free and highly stable
  • Suitable for confined installation spaces
  • Suitable for long travels.

Harnessed readychain systems


  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Logistics effort kept to a minimum
  • Reduce assembly time

chainflex cables for motion

chainflex cables in the overview  

  • Calculable and predictable service life
  • Available from stock, from 1m length
  • Cables for all types of motion

Application examples of our customers

Clean lorry under the open sky

This car wash uses industrial robots to clean lorries outside. The most adverse environmental conditions such as ore dust, heat and moisture pose challenges to the components installed. e-chains withstand the influences and work flawlessly.

Reliable cleaning

Made of bar stock

In a tyre soaping station, metal bearings were used up to now, which regularly led to a breakdown of the system. Now, these bearings have been replaced with plastic bearings made of igus bar stock . This saves costs of several thousand Euro per year.

Fully automatic tire fitting lines

Perfect underbody wash

In this car wash, the underbody of the car is cleaned. Two rotating nozzles clean the vehicles with high-pressure jets and must be resistant to dirt and water. Metallic bearings are replaced by iglidur plain bearings, which reduce failures during operation caused by the absence of lubricants.

Reduce downtime

Wash trains automatically

Manual washing of trains is dispensed with in this modern system. From the beginning, an automated process takes care of the washing and subsequent drying. Due to the small installation space, e-chains and chainflex cables are used for the movement.

Cleaning of trains

Easy opening and closing

For the adjustment of a protective door in a car wash, a reliable guide system which requires a low driving force was needed. The drylin W linear guide system now incorporates a component that is maintenance-free and inexpensive.

Safety door adjustment

Tested in the industry's largest test laboratory

Tribo-polymers developed for dry operation: the dry-tech test laboratory


A view of the igus test laboratory for energy chains


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