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Safe movement, less maintenance: energy supply systems and bearings for fun rides

Whether it's a fast-paced ride on the elevated chain carousel, looping on the roller coaster or spooky fun on a ghost train, the technology used is subject to very high safety standards and therefore places the highest demands on all the components installed. Our energy chain systems and bearing technology are just right: absolutely reliable thanks to a predictable, long service life, low maintenance, robust and quiet. No minimum order quantity. And if, e. g. themed attractions with decorations and animatronics need to be completely customised, special parts made of high-performance polymers in 3D printing have comparable specifications and can be configured and ordered online with just a few clicks.
Ferris wheel gondola

Ferris wheels

Our maintenance-free igutex heavy-duty bearings are the right choice for the suspension of Ferris wheel gondolas. Consisting of a robust fibreglass fabric and an inner layer optimised for sliding properties, they are our specialists for high loads. For the door mechanisms in the gondolas, we recommend iglidur J plain bearings, drylin ZLW linear drives and  energy chains of the E2.1 series.
Amusement technology animatronics

Vertical lifts

Water rides and roller coasters often have vertical lifts to transport the cars. E.4 series energy chains, e.g. the E4.56 are used to supply the lift with energy, together with the vertical flizz system with matching chainflex cables.
If the entire lift or part of the track for a switch rotates, cables must be guided here in the rotary movement. Our RBR systems are suitable for this application, as they enable uninterrupted cable guidance with up to 600 degrees of rotation.

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10 design tips for your rotary application

If you opt for self-designing, you will find valuable information on choosing the right guide trough for circular modules in this free white paper. Avoid mistakes that reduce your system's service life or even cause downtime.

Download a free white paper now
rbr white paper
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Success story

e-chain circular module in the PowerSplash water ride

At 100km/h and a drop of 45 metres, the "Power Splash" launch coaster races through the water in the Walibi amusement park in Belgium. To ensure that passengers can board and disembark safely, the developers of the water ride from the company Mack Rides installed a rotary switch, which made special demands on the energy supply. igus provided the right solution: a modular rotating energy supply, consisting of a double side-mounted energy chain in a guide rail.
PowerSplash water ride with RBR rotary module

Elevated ride with e-chain

Elevated rides

In the case of elevated rides, the cables for drives and lighting must be guided upwards to ensure unrestricted riding fun. This is possible safely and without interruption with our energy chains and a suitable trough. Just as with lifts in roller coasters, e-chains of the E.4 series such as the E4.56 and the vertical flizz system are suitable as guidance with matching chainflex cables.
Giant swing with RBR system and various bearings

Giant swings

Even in giant swings or in classic ship swings, a wide variety of media must be guided safely in the gondola. Our RBR systems are ideal for fun rides that don't roll over. The cables are guided here without interruption and there is no need for a fault-prone slip ring that requires maintenance. The modules  SRM-V or PRM-V with the appropriate chainflex cables are used for the vertical movement.

In the hydraulic cylinders that are used to get the ride upright and ready for use, there are numerous bearing points that are subjected to high loads. Our fibre composite bearings made of the materials igutex TX1, TX2 or TX3 as well as bearings made of iglidur Q3E are the right choice here.

Roller coaster transfer track with e-chain

Roller coaster switches and transfer tracks

Large roller coasters have transfer tracks to move the coaster trains to parking or maintenance positions. Our e-chains of the E4.1 or E4.Q series with matching trough systems and chainflex cables are suitable for energy supply on transfer tracks.

Success story

Six Flags roller coaster with maintenance-free bearings

The operator of the amusement park chain Six Flags relies on plain bearings made from the material iglidur Z, which has led to a significant cost reduction here. The reason: maintenance work could be completely dispensed with during the season. With the dry-operating plain bearings made of high-performance plastic, there is no need to check the mounts and shafts or to relubricate them. Another plus: the bearings save a lot of weight.
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Roller coaster cars and iglidur Z plain bearings

Coaster car

Plain bearings made from the material iglidur Z are ideal for mounting safety bars. It enables maximum service life under extreme conditions and is also a good choice for bearing points on the wheel mounts of roller coasters.
Roller coaster entrance area with iglidur and igubal bearings

Entrance areas

Our lubrication-free plain bearings are used in the entrance areas of fun rides, for example, on the automatic flaps of luggage storage cabinets, for which purpose iglidur G or iglidur J bearings are ideal. Our igubal pillow block bearings are used on automatic gates.

Success story

Completely pre-assembled energy supply for gondola lift

The Trier-based lift manufacturer Baasch & Didong GmbH was looking for a solution that would reliably move all the cables in continuous operation - and that with a 180-degree rotation of the gondola when it was lifted. Further challenges for the material: absolute reliability under constant UV radiation, extreme heat, frost, rain and splash water. A strong solution for continuous use was found with an E4/4 energy chain. And as a completely pre-assembled readychain, quick and cost-effective installation and easy dismantling at a later date are guaranteed.
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Car simulator


Simulators can tilt in any direction and therefore require a three-dimensional flexible cable guidance. For this we offer our triflex energy chain systems with the appropriate twistable cables
In electric or hydraulic cylinders, which are responsible for tilting and tipping the ride, we recommend our plain bearings made of the materials iglidur QE3, Z or P. They are impressive with a long service life under high loads and are cost-effective.

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