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Energy chains news 2022

Moving energy made easy - through innovation and sustainability. Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Our mission is the constant development of innovations in e-chains and cables. This enables you to save costs and further increase the quality of machines and systems at the same time, i.e. "Tech up. Cost down"
This year, we would also like to introduce innovative energy supply systems - from energy chains made of 100% recycled material and energy chains for extremely long travels, extremely dynamic and high run times up to complete solutions iSet - sophisticated engineering made easy. Complete sets in just 3 clicks!

Top highlights 2022

cradle-chain E2.1.CG

cradle e-chain E2.1.CG The first energy chain made from 100% recycled material. Based on the igus chainge program, the new E2.1.CG e-chain was created from 100% recycled material - all tested in the igus laboratory.
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Drive-chain DESIGN STUDY: Driven energy chain system for extremely long travels, extremely dynamic and high run times. The drive-chain is used, e.g., in ASC cranes.
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e-tract 2.0 cable retraction system

e-tract DESIGN STUDY: e-tract is a cable retraction system for clean cable management at the charging station. Automatic retraction. A slip ring is dispensed with completely.
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Cleanroom energy chain C6

Energy supply without measurable abrasion

Abrasion-resistance is the decisive parameter for energy chain applications in cleanrooms. The C6 energy chain sets the standard. The abrasion is barely measurable. This is the best outcome: no abrasion can be measured when the new C6 cleanroom energy chain is used, even under high loads.
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e-skin flat

UL certified complete system

The e-skin flat is a freely fillable compact designed cable guidance system. Interconnectable profiles through the modular design allow the chains to be shortened as required. Individual cables can be replaced very quickly without having to change the entire energy supply. New UL style for complete systems from our company. Certified standard with CFCLEAN and PU hoses available as readychain.
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The e-skin® flat with support chain SKF.S

Upgrades: spacer and ultrasonic sensor

By equipping the new additional components - spacer and ultrasonic sensor - the e-skin® flat with support chain can be implemented for more unsupported lengths, more compact installation and smarter monitoring.
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E4.80R roller e-chain

Easy changeover from sliding to rolling energy chain

Easy conversion from gliding to rolling energy chain, one radius for all series, no adapter chain link required, ideal for long travels. Retrofit, extend the service life of the energy chain, reduce the variety of bearing parts and reduce drive power to move the e-chain.
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P4HD.56R rol e-chain

Maximum service life for the latest crane generation

The new heavy-duty rol e-chain® meets all the relevant requirements for container cranes of the next and future generations. Longer paths, higher dynamics, short load cycles, zero failures.
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Largest modular system for almost any application

The E4.1 system for long travels, gliding and rolling

The E4.1 modular range has now been expanded with new rol e-chain links and glide pads. These components allow for a technologically and economically customised energy supply system for every application from travels of 12m to 500m.

  • E4.1 for high stability and long service life
  • E4.1 with rollers for highest speeds
  • E4.1 with glide pads for extremely abrasive environments
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iSet - Sophisticated engineering made simple!

Now you can save time and money with our complete energy chain set. No need to spend lots of time looking for the right energy chain series and relevant accessories. We can assemble the complete energy chain set.
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autoglide 5 slide profile - AG5.RAIL

Even easier handling and even more cost-effective

The AG5.Rail slide profile for the autoglide 5 replaces the non-moving chain links between the fixed end and the centre of travel. The AG5.RAIL's larger pitch, slim design and convenient plug-in connectors you save on purchasing as well as transport/handling and installation.
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E4Q e-chain® with extender crossbars

Clever, modular extender crossbar system for large diameters

Modular extender crossbar concept with E4Q opening mechanism: adapt energy chain individually to hose diameter. Install easily without tools and replace hoses as needed. Save assembly time: simple, fast and tool-free assembly. If a repair is required, the hose is quickly replaced by opening the crossbar on the extender crossbar.
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e-chain E4Q - new universal interior separation

Complete flexibility, reliability and ease of assembly in one

The new E4Q e-chains can be opened quickly and without tools. After the crossbar has been released, the shelf can be unlocked by means of the slider and then simply pulled out.
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Hybrid energy chain YE

Highest stability with high filling weight

In two new sizes and variants: energy chain with 112mm and energy tube with 108mm inner height. For maximum stability with high filling weight, ideal for construction machinery and lifting platforms. There are
no screws, rivets or bolts that can become loose under vibration.
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The e-loop for top drive applications

The alternative to the service loop ... simple filling

The new e-loop specifically for top drive applications is a four-piece design. Easy filling through a lateral opening. Easy maintenance and long service life. Shock-resistant and shatter-proof.
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e-spool flex and e-spool flex mini 2.0

Accessories and mini version for smallest spaces

Accessories: Brush attachment for cleaning the cable before rolling it up and guide roller for pull-out "around the corner". e-spool flex mini 2.0 for uninterrupted guidance of cables in the tightest of spaces. Double the extension length of the e-spool flex mini 2.0 compared to the competitor's product.
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e-spool for stage and theatre operation

According to DIN EN 17206 and DGUV principle 315-390

The e-spool is the alternative cable drum without slip ring. It can be used to safely guide cables in the tightest of spaces. The e-spool now comes certified for stage and theatre drive according to DIN EN 17206 and DGUV principle 315-390 and with various sensor monitoring systems.
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Complete zig-zag system

Zig-zag for shaft end supports. Complete systems up to 15m

Standardised, modular energy supply as a complete system with e-chain, mounting brackets, interior separation, guide box, support plate and preparation for individual strain relief. Weight reduced by 30% and price reduced by 20%.
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GLV micro

Guide vertically safely in confined spaces

Compact and cost-effective guidance systems in minimal installation spaces. Safe guidance of the energy chain in high dynamics. Secure data transmission via cable instead of expensive optical data transmission.
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guidelok swing GLO.S

Energy supply for slewing cranes up to 10 metres travels

Until now, hanging cables on slewing cranes have often posed a high risk. They could get tangled and tear off. guidelok GLO.S is compactly mounted on the crane girder and increases safety during operation.
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Multi-tiewrap plate 3XXX.ZB.M

Stackable strain relief

  • Intuitive design
  • Flexible modular system with stackable levels
  • Based on proven tiewrap plate principle
  • Space-saving - strain relief for many cables in a confined space
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Top-hat (DIN) rail tiewrap plate 2010.ZH

Space-saving and individually applicable

  • Easy installation in a top-hat (DIN) rail 15 (TS92.31) by clipping in
  • one tooth for one cable strain relief, making it individually adaptable to the filling
  • Width per strain relief tooth: 10mm
  • Can also be installed oriented into the e-chain
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Pneumatic clamps CFX

Clamp hoses without crushing them

  • Protection of the pneumatic hoses against crushing and damage
  • High holding force due to "all-round grip"
  • The cross section of pneumatic hoses is fully retained
  • No crushing of the hoses, and therefore no loss of hose length
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Fast assembly without checking the tightening torque
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triflex energy chains for robots

The latest products and product enhancements from the field of robotics. Example: space-saving installation with a retraction length of up to 36% with the telescopic triflex® R TRX and more.
  • TRX for testing
  • Retraction system in size 50
  • Fibre rod modules in size 30
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Online configurators

Interior separation configurator

Interior separation configurator
  • Add floors faster with hotkeys
  • Easy zooming, moving the configuration view
  • Multi-selection for quick and easy moving of objects
  • Widening floors by just pulling
  • And other improvements

e-skin flat configurator

e-skin flat configurator
  • e-skin flat single pod configurator for SKF12C.1.1.10, SKF120.1.1.10 and SKF15C.1.1.10
  • Fast & simple configuration, drag&drop
  • Quick request

e-spool configurator

e-spool configurator
  • Available for SP1, SP2, SPHD1, SPHD2
  • Interior separation configuration for e-spool systems
  • Automatic filling of the twisterband e-chains
  • Automatic creation of the technical drawing of the interior separation

Interactive 3D models of the energy chain systems

You can get interactive 3D models of the energy chain systems, which provide an effective representation and convincing insights into the interior of products.

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