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"FitoStinger" is a drone, the target use of which can be pest control: a telescopic arm can be positioned close to the spot of infestation and – for example – spray pesticides there. Non-affected areas remain spared. Bearings from igus® are installed in the guide system of the transport tubes that contain the pesticide, but also in the articulated arm. In addition, drylin® linear modules have been installed. A challenge was the fixation of the system during tilting, elongating, turning or rotary movements to avoid contact with other parts. This is made possible by the use of a series E2 micro energy chain as well as five igubal pillow block bearings. Another problem: a precise linear movement to perform an exact puncture of the infected place. In this case, the weight of the installed parts was of great importance in order to avoid overloading of the drone as a transport system. The linear guide of the motion plastics® specialist igus® used here consists of an extremely light carbon rail, on which a solid plastic carriage travels. The material has the required strength and stiffness and is extremely light at the same time. This calls for less drive force to control the drone, which is extremely manoeuvrable in the air.

Drone FitoStinger
Drone FitoStinger

TSA CENTER / ADRONELINE (2 compañias), Iván, Sanz Martínez, Cerdanyola del Valles, Spain

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