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Plastic bearings for automotive onboard applications

Change now from metal to iglidur® polymer bearings and improve the performance of your application due to lower weight, quieter running, high wear resistance and freedom from corrosion. We offer you standard dimensions immediately from stock, and individual, customised solutions. Cost-effective prototypes can be produced with our speedigus® service, with 3D printed injection moulds, as 3D printed parts or machined parts made of iglidur® stock bar. Benefit from our 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and the high versatility of iglidur®.

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Five reasons why you should use iglidur plain bearings in motor vehicles

With iglidur polymer bearings, costs can be reduced by up to 40%. Weight is reduced by up to 80% and, as a consequence, CO2 emissions are lowered. What's more, the plain bearings are especially quiet in use, compensate for manufacturing tolerances and enable flexible installation concepts.

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Our product and industry experts regularly write blog articles on interesting topics relating to energy supply, bearing technology and linear technology for motor vehicles. Have a look, and be inspired!

Lubrication- and maintenance-free plain bearings for the automotive industry

Standard parts from the online shop  
Standard bearings ordered quickly and simply from our online shop

  • Standard parts from stock
  • Short delivery time
  • Cost-effective
  • Large selection of bearing types and high-performance materials

Various customised bearings made by igus® to your specific requirements  
Customised component according to individual requirements

  • Production customised to provide the required design, quantity and material
  • Suitable for prototypes as well as small and high volume production
  • A range of manufacturing processes to meet individual needs
  • Large selection of high-performance materials


Checked in the igus® test laboratory for use in the real world

Tested for continuous load, media resistance and quiet operation

In the industry's largest test laboratory for plastics , iglidur® plain bearings are put through their paces. Under practical conditions, the bearings are tested at different speeds and loads against different shaft materials. The results are entered into our tools to calculate service life and allow for precise predictions regarding their durability.

iglidur® bearings successfully used in onboard in cars

Interior applications

iglidur® bearings in the car seat  
Low-noise, easily adjustable seat systems

iglidur® bearings are resistant to high static loads up to 120 MPa without problems. To compensate tolerances, iglidur® bearings use high temperatures for drying after the e-coating.

iglidur® plain bearings in actuators  
Lubrication-free actuators and small gears

iglidur® polymer bearings are used in actuators and small gears as they ensure quiet operation, do not need any additional lubrication and are more cost-effective than metal bearings.

iglidur® bearings at pedals  
Pedals without vibrations and noise

Radial and axial preload of iglidur® bearings avoid vibrations and noise. They compensate tolerances, are not sensitive to edge loads and have a high static load capacity.

Exterior applications

iglidur® plain bearings in headlamps  
Long-lasting headlamp adjusting mechanisms

iglidur plain bearings are used in headlamps for bending lights and automatic beam height control. They are especially advantageous due to their high temperature resistance and their good tribological properties.

Wiper system with iglidur plain bearings  
No corrosion in wiper systems

Corrosion-free bearing points that can cope with high static loads are crucial for windscreen wipers.  iglidur plain bearings are corrosion-resistant and are able to withstand high static loads. Ideal for wiper arms, wiper blades and other kinematic elements.

iglidur® thrust washers in mirror adjustment  
Low static friction enables simple adjustment

Thrust washers made of iglidur® material replace metallic bearings and simple plastics. They have low static friction, run silently and can be produced in special shapes.

Engine compartment applications

Coolant pump with iglidur plain bearings  
Media-resistant plain bearings in coolant pumps and controllers

iglidur plain bearings are not only media-resistant, they also have an advantage over ceramic and carbon-graphite bearings in terms of cost.  They operate silently and, due to hydrodynamic lubrication, easily cope with high surface speeds.

iglidur® in the throttle valve  
High temperature and a lot of movement cycles

The plastic bearings run reliably at up to 10 million movement cycles and ambient temperatures of up to 200°C. Due to their media resistance, they can be used in the engine compartment without problems, e.g. in throttle valves.

iglidur® bearings in gear  
Robust, noise-dampening bearings in the gearbox

iglidur® bearings are resistant to transmission oil, noise-dampening and do not let contact corrosion develop. Therefore, they are suitable for use in gear connection and at shift forks.

For you, the sample box is free of charge!

See for yourself that our products are of the highest quality. The bearings sample box contains information on bearing applications in cars and the most important iglidur® bearings.

Sample box automotive production  

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