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drylin® SHTC-HYD

Hygienic design

Based on the idea of hygienic design, this design offers an easily rinsable solution. Even bolted connections are easily accessible and generously designed for clearances. The used materials are plastic and VA stainless steel.

The spindle-lift unit can be supplied completely with FDA-approved materials.

Delivery program drylin® SHTC- HDYD

Part. No. A Al H E1 E2 l R f lt ts d T l2 d2 ha    
  -0,3 -0,3   ±0,15 ±0,15                        
SHTC-20-EWM-HYD 130 35 48 108 115 108 72 2 36 9 20 26 12 h9 23 Upon request Add to shopping cart
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