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drylin T econ

Same dimensions and even more cost-effective

drylin® guide rails now also available as an econ variant with clear anodised coating – drylin TS-CA

drylin® T is the igus® alternative rail guide to ball circulating systems The most important connection sizes are identical, with the result that 1 to 1 replacement is possible in many cases. The advantages of drylin® linear guide systems are already convincing many users but, in future, will become increasingly important when a future-oriented linear guide has to be selected.

  • Absolutely lubrication-free operation
  • Completely clean surfaces
  • Very quiet due to absence of rolling elements
  • Easy installation
For the TW-12 Performance and TW-01 Standard adjustable carriages, we have developed the drylin® T  econ clear anodised rails. A combination of the technical advantage of a consistently silver colour (ideal for visible parts) with cost-effective clear anodised coating.

Tech up with drylin linear technology

Tech up

  • drylin® T guide rails with clear anodised finish
  • Corrosion-resistant surface
  • Series 01 rails in installation sizes 15, 20, 25, 30 usable with the TW-12 Performance and TW-01 Standard guide carriages with individual clearance adjustment
  • Consistent silver colour ideal for visible parts

Cost down with drylin linear technology

Cost down

  • All rail installation sizes 15% more cost-effective than the hard anodised version
  • Connection sizes identical to those of conventional recirculating ball systems
  • All profiles available from stock
  • Millimetre accurate saw cuttings

Proof of the good quality of igus products


  • drylin® T function can be calculated online
  • Clear anodised, salt-spray tested (NSS) according to DIN EN 9227/ASTM B-117
  • Coefficient of friction and wear tested in the igus laboratory
  • Fraunhofer IPA-tested: drylin® TK-01-25-01, ISO Class 6 with Air Purity Class at v=1 m/sec, ISO Class 6 with Air Purity Class at v=2 m/sec, ESD Classification Level 1

drylin linear technology products are sustainable


  • 66% weight saving due to use of aluminium instead of steel
  • lower inertia
  • 100% functional operation without lubrication
  • Lubrication-free use also in emission-critical environments

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