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drylin WWC MonoSlide

At 16mm, slimmer than ever before – drylin W MonoSlide

Compact drylin® W MonoSlide linear carriage in size 0660 complements the modular linear system

Easy handling, easy installation, easy storage In addition to its extremely slim design of 16mm, the drylin® W MonoSlide convinces due to its practical advantages. Moreover, due to its clear anodised coating, the aluminium carriage is very light and corrosion resistant.

  • New slim installation size 0660
  • Choice of 3 lengths (60mm/80mm/100mm)
  • No alignment
One component (carriage incl. bearing elements)

Tech up with drylin linear technology

Tech up

  • Extremely fast installation of drylin W linear carriages on drylin W double rails
  • Monobloc made of aluminium for robust handling
  • Suitable for drylin® W profile rail WSQ-06-60
  • Sliding elements made from iglidur® J for long-lasting operation
  • In three lengths, available ready to install: 60/80/100mm

Cost down with drylin linear technology

Cost down

  • Save installation time with a ready-to-install design
  • No mounting or alignment necessary
  • Save storage space -> 1 component instead of 9 (as in the case of standard linear carriages)
  • Reduced design effort as PDF and CAD file available in the online shop

Proof of the good quality of igus products


  • 12% less installation height than standard
  • Corrosion-resistant thanks to a clear anodised coating
  • Tested: WWC carriage, installation size 06, load 80N, acceleration 3m/s², rail length 2,000mm, running performance 5,000km or 2.5million double strokes of 1,000mm each

drylin linear technology products are sustainable


  • Lubrication-free operation
  • Maintenance-free due to self-lubricating high-performance polymers from igus®
  • Lightweight components such as plastic and aluminium

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