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drylin R _econ-RJUMP-12 solid plastic housing igus

Save price and weight: RJUMP

New drylin® R linear housings made of plastic for round shafts

Housings made of solid plastic and the matching liners made of iglidur® materials characterise the new series of econ drylin® R bearing housings. With the housing you save several times over. Cost-effective production by injection moulding, extremely low weight for lightweight constructions, corrosion-free in applications where stainless steel is required. Due to the incorporated self-lubrication the drylin® R liners are completely clean in operation as well as maintenance-free.


  • Alternative housings for the 05 series
  • Low mass inertia due to solid plastic
  • igus® tip: Save even more weight with hollow aluminium shafts AWMR or carbon fibre CWM
  • Quick assembly due to separable halves of the housing
  • Fast bearing change on the round shaft

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Linear housing made of robust lightweight igus polymers
  • Suitable for all liners in type 02 (compact bearing)
  • Linear housings for round shafts made of aluminium, carbon fibre, steel and stainless steel

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Cost-effective production in injection moulding
  • Quick assembly via plug connection
  • Separable housing for fast film replacement

Evidence from igus news


  • 75% lighter than RJUM-05 series linear housing
  • Service life can be calculated online
  • 8 times longer service life on steel and stainless steel due to iglidur® E7 linear liner
  • Housing with integrated locating spigot and anti-rotation feature of the liners

Recycling with igus news


  • High weight saving of up to 75% compared to aluminium housing
  • Reusable plastic housing
  • Absolutely lubrication-free

Versatile application

Therefore we have developed the 100% polymer housing

With the RJUMP solid plastic housing, we want to offer a housing with which the customer can save weight without having to reduce quality.  
We see the RJUMP  especially in automation, the food industry, as well as pharmaceutical & medical technology and in all lightweight constructions.

RJUMP / RE7UMP Solid plastic housing

econ-RJUMP-20_solid plastic housing from igus


econ-RJUMP-16_solid plastic housing from igus


econ-RJUMP-20_solid plastic housing from igus


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