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Polymer telescope NTP27 from igus

Metal-free and lightweight

Save costs and weight with drylin® polymer telescopes NTP27

Since its presentation in Spring 2020, the polymer drylin® telescopic NTP-27 has been generating a lot of excitement.

  • First completely metal-free telescopic guide
  • Works without lubrication and greasing
  • Absolutely clean
  • Lightweight and quietly adjustable
  • Robust up to 2.5kg
With standard colours of dark grey, light grey and white, the appearance of the NTP always adapts to the environment. We are now adding orange and blue to the colour range, and are also offering the option of a design in your own desired colour to match the environment of your application.

New in 2021!

Polymer telescopic rail available in a new extension length in your desired colour

The NTP polymer telescopic rails are finding more and more resonance and new areas of application. In outdoor use, they convince through their function even in adverse environments. The low "metal-free" weight makes products easy to transport and take along. Assembly is extremely simple thanks to the plug-in system.  A new installation size with an extension length of 125mm is now being added to the NTP family. Cost-effectively injection moulded and absolutely lubrication-free made of iglidur® high-performance polymers.

NTP-27 in blue
NTP-27 in orange

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • The lightest drylin® NT telescopic rail weighs 45g
  • 100% self-lubricating with iglidur® high-performance polymers
  • Rattle-free and quiet due to pretensioning segments
  • Stepless adjustment up to 125mm

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Low mass inertia due to solid plastic design
  • Ideal for light and transportable requirements
  • Fail-safe function, no risk of damage to balls, etc.
  • Cost-effective injection moulding
  • Can be ordered online from 1 piece

Evidence from igus news


  • Tested: 100% maintenance-free functionality through self-lubricating iglidur® polymers J3B and GLW
  • Tested: up to four times quieter than metal guides due to absence of rolling metal bodies
  • Tested: assembly in less than five seconds using
    the snap-in principle

Recycling with igus news


  • Fully maintenance-free function due to self-lubrication
  • 100% clean and no danger for adjacent materials
  •  Lightweight, ideal for emission-critical applications

Versatile application

Therefore we have developed the 100% polymer telescope

The interior, rehab and medical industries are the target markets for our NTP-27 solid polymer telescopic guides, but it is not limited to them.
The weight saving, corrosion-free property and quick assembly make the NTP polymer telescopic guides a great addition to our telescopic rod range. Available immediately with extension lengths up to 150mm. Shipped within 24 hours. Worldwide. 

NTP27 solid polymer telescopic rod from igus

Solid polymer telescope NTP from igus

Up to 150mm extension length

Solid polymer telescopic rod extended

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NTP sample sleeve

Lightweight, quiet, lubrication-free.
Here, you can order your sample of the first polymer telescopic guide from igus®.

Application examples of our drylin® products

Structural load limit of the drylin® NTP-27 telescopic rail

drylin NT structural load limit

              F max [N]
F            25

drylin NT structural load limit

              F max [N]
Fs x        40 
Fs y        8
Fs z       12.5