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dry-tech®: Improve technology without lubrication

More than 50% of machine failures are caused by deficient lubrication.

igus® dry-tech® bearings are an alternative for lubricated plain and roller bearings. igus® develops tribopolymers for continuous dry-running operation.
By avoiding lubrication, dry-tech® polymer technology attains superior service life: from -100°C up to +250°C at continuous exposure, from cleanrooms to extreme dirt exposure, from vacuum to extreme humidity.
dry-tech® bearing technology for:

Applications without lubrication and for long service-life

extreme environmental conditions

lowest possible friction and wear values in continuous and intermittent operation.


dry-tech®: Reduce costs with tribopolymers

More than USD 700 MM caused by excessive friction and wear due to inadequate lubrication

igus® dry-tech® bearings reduce your costs. A direct product comparison shows that you can reduce your current costs for bearing components by as much as 50%. In addition, further cost reduction potential is unlocked by using non-hardened shaft materials and by avoiding seals and lubrication systems.
dry-tech® bearing technology for:

up to 50% reduced procurement costs for your bearings.

Cost savings due to simpler bearings or by avoiding other bearing components.

reduced inventory levels due to short delivery times as low as 24 hrs.