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Cranes applications

Foremost advantage for builders and users of cranes:

  • Space-saving design
  • No additional drives required
  • No control system required
  • Any medium can be transmitted: Energy, data, air, water, etc.
  • Low maintenance cycles minimize the downtimes
  • Resistant to wind and water

  • Crane system

    Cranes on the chain - Energy supply system in heavy duty use since 12 years.

    Crane system

    In crane construction, energy supply systems frequently prove their technical and economic strengths. Flexibility, variability and a space-saving installation are only some of the most important criteria.

    Shipyard crane

    Energy supply systems for shipyard cranes successfully in operation since six years.

    Roof structure

    Thanks to the construction with e-chains® in the thermal spas in Bad Wörishofen, about 100 meters of cable could be saved and the weight of the roof was reduced.

    Crane track

    Crane travels up to 500 m with energy chain systems and cables from igus®.

    Coal-fired power plant

    e-chain system® for a coal unloader. Operating since three years without any problem.

    Steel works

    Extremely difficult conditions: Dirt and dust, heavy filling, long travel and high temperatures. The system functions since 2003.

    Ship unloading crane

    Application of e-chain® systems in ship unloader

    Ship unloader

    441 m travel: Reduction of tensile forces by about 75%.

    Harbor crane

    Circular motion mounted on the side in a harbor crane.

    Ship loader

    Since the ship loader started operations in 2000, no troubles, either mechanical or in the cables, have occurred in the energy chain area.

    Two-girder bridge crane

    With the perfectly fitting energy supplysystem for this crane system, the overalldimension for the installation was considerablyreduced.

    Assembly crane

    This crane in a truck assembly plant is used to unload andtransport the individual vehicle chassis at the beginning of the assembly process.

    Boat cranes

    In contrast to metal and bronze bearings, the igus® bearings do not corrode due to their high-performance polymer structure and are for this reason the ideal choice for underwater application.

    Maintenance-free operation for 8 years

    The energy chain employed in 2000 runs smoothly.

    Indoor and outdoor cranes

    Outdoor cranes must withstand harsh weather conditions. Indoor cranes also work under alternating moisture influences with simultaneous extremely high temperatures.

    Container cranes at the CTA

    Energy and signal supply to the container cranes at the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder - twelve trouble-free years

    Giant crane

    The portal crane “Goliath” is used for shipbuilding. Problematic was the cable management.

    Crane systems

    Traveling cranes and crane components – tailored to individual

    Maritime crane

    Changed crane supply on an installation vessel: An XXL energy chain with a rearward bending radius shall ensure the power and signal supply as an alternative to a slip ring.

    Many more applications from crane building can be found here

    Applications with: RTGs, RMGs, STS, bulk handling cranes, manlift STS cranes, spreader, reach stackers, shipyard cranes, indoor cranes

    Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.


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